STINKY SQUAD Student Activities

Over 30 great children’s activities and exercises for Stinky Squad by teacher/writer Matt Porter.

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Stinky Squad: The first horrific chapter!!

Stinky Squad is a group of loser teens with gross mutant superpowers. Stinky Squad is also the funniest, most disgusting book in the history of literature!

Click on the image to see the full cover! front_cover_working_file5.jpg

Click ‘More’ to read the first Stinky chapter… (more…)

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WIN 10 YEARS of FREE Barrel Books!

* All signed by the author & illustrator!

* Books will include EVERY DC Green book published in the next ten years!!

* All mailed to your door, hot off the presses!!

* Plus great runner-up prizes every month: posters, signed books and original signed Stinky Squad artwork!

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Stinky Squad: Amazing Early Reviews!

‘DC Green has keyed into what children love to read. This is a best seller… truly truly truly truly great!’
– Carol Roach, Storytime Tapestry.

‘Never have bodily fluids been described with such gusto. Harry Potter meets Shaun of the Dead.’
– Waves magazine. (more…)

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Welcome to my Stinky Blog!


I’m DC Green, zany children’s author from Australia. Welcome to the House of Stench!! (more…)

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